Why Mud Life?

Aurora™ LED Light Bars are the premium lighting solution you have been looking for. These bad boys are the heavy duty, extreme certified, take anywhere lights. They provide the brightest and furthest throw on the market at a great price. These lights are NOT the knock offs your buddies bought on the cheap and have to take off their vehicle (lame) because the pressure wash hose will destroy them. Our lights are truly the bomb diggity!

Learn about the testing that goes into our products before they are approved to be sold to you. Take a look at our standard product packaging procedures, certification of our products that have been awarded, and brightness comparisons between our products and our competitors.


Product Testing

Our Product Testing


Standard Product Packaging

Standard Product Packaging


Product Certifications

Product Certifications
Passed CE, Rohs, IP68, UV, High Temperature, Low Temperature, Salt, Fog, Vibration, and Mechanical Shock Testing.


Product Brightness Example

Brightness Example


Product Optical Spectrum

Display of Mud Life LED Product's Optical Spectrum

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